The role of CSACEFA is to ensure the delivery of ducation programs and projects in Nigeria through the mobilization of Civil Society Organizations, Capacity build and community engagement. To achieve this, CSCAFEA engages in campaigns and sensitization, advocacy and policy inputs. CSC

  • 12 years campaign for Inclusive quality and free education for all especially the Girl Child.

124 million children and adolsenta atre now out of school globally, it is estimated that 24 million children will never enter school. Nigerai has over 10.5 million school age children out of school  with girls mostly at the receiving end. The Universal Basic education Act of 2004 provided for 9yers free education for all, this over time makes the child to drop out of school after the Junior Secondary School, in most cases, the girls are given out in marriage, used as puns or sent out to hawk and bring more income to the house especially with the low income family.

The 12years free compulsory, quality and affordable education is to sensitize the parents, traditional and religious leaders on the need to support girl child education and call on the government to amend the UBEC act to accommodate 12years compulsory education. In partnership with CBOs, FBOs, Youth Led organizations CSACEFA conducted a national and states stakeholder campaign in Abuja, Plateau, Sokoto, Kano and Kaduna States. 

  • Thumps up For Education

  • One Goal For Education