July 2017 Newsletter Report

Facilitator Instructing Participants on Group Task

On the 27th to the 29th of July, 2017, the Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA) organized a three days capacity building  training for CSACEFA states coordinators and CSOs in the Northern Zone of the Country on advocacy, Communication, monitoring and evaluation and Budget .

The training which took place at the Royal Blue Hotel, Kaduna was declared open by the CSACEFA National Coordinator Kabiru Aliyu. In his speech, the National Moderator  assured the Members of their safety through the 3day training. He stressed on the need for zonal and states coordinators to network as it would help to build new connections that would be helpful to them in carrying out their duties. He asked all the delegates and participant to put their best in the training as the work ahead is tasking  and therefore requires great skills. He said it is recognition of that fact that the national body is organizing the capacity building to equip members with the skills needed.

The training was facilitated by two consultants and two staff of the coalition . The first training which was on advocacy campaign looked at  understanding the concept of ‘Advocacy’, how to advocate and also developing a clear cut definition for advocacy, difference between a courtesy visit and advocating. it was highlighted by the facilitator that advocacy is an act of making issues heard with a strong voice to effect desired change. He stated that advocacy is done over time and it isn’t a one day ‘event’. He also highlighted the need for advocates to be knowledgeable about the current happenings and have relevant and up-to-date data to back up their information. Participants were divided into groups to generate a clear cut definition of advocacy, sequence of advocacy process, and advocacy audience.

This led to the second Training Module which was moderated by the Policy Advisor Chioma Osuji, participants were taught on basic report writing and communication skills, good use of social media for reporting and importance of a good lead story. The facilitator highlighted that 70% of communication is either most times not heard or misinterpreted. It was highlighted that every report is news worthy and the mode of reporting dictates if it would be news or not.

The third training module on Checklist for vouchers\Liquidation was moderated by the Finance and Admin Manager of the Coalition, Nathaniel Adamu. He explained the meaning of the term ‘procurement and stressed for the need of a procurement committee in every organization. He explained that financial policys should not be stagnant but be in tune with present day realities. The moderator gave a cut out difference between an invoice and a receipt. He explained the supporting document for procurement, duties of a procurement committee and the need for personal files for staff in the organization, the files are to contain updated education of staff, travel details etc. The participants then asked more questions on tax and vat which were answered in detail by the moderator.

Participants were also trained on Monitoring and evaluation; the train took participants round the definition of monitoring as a systematic and continuous collection, of analysis and use of information for management control and decision making.  The moderator stated that monitoring is done to check the indications of the extent of progress and achievement of objectives and progress in the use of allocated funds.  On the other had it was explained that evaluation is the assessment of an ongoing or completed project, program or policy, design, implementation and results. It was also highlighted that Monitoring is done on a daily basis while evaluation is done on a periodical basis, the result chain process was explained and guided the participants on how to properly capture data collected in a report. The flow of public funds and asserting the extent resources truly benefited the target communities. The participants also learn the four ways to monitor and track a Budget.

While closing the three days training in Kaduna, the National Moderator/Chair of the Board Mal. Kabiru Aliyu implored the state coordinators to apply all that they had learnt in the training on advocacy, M&E, Communication etc. in their respective states and ensure that they cascade the training to members. He also stressed the need to bring the states of Adamawa and Borno into the lime light of the coalition by conducting elections for the states, the Board chair also stressed the need for unity in CSACEFA while urging the state Coordinators to work closely with the government so that the CSACEFA vision and mission will be actualized.

The vote of Thanks was done by the Kaduna state coordinator Mrs Biniyat who appreciated the National Body for Organizing the training and choosing Kaduna for the training . She said she believe that the states will not disappoint the national body.