The Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All (CSACEFA) is a coalition of NGOs, CBOS and FBOs working on education issues in Nigeria. Forty (40) education NGOs who came together in the run-up to the World Education Summit in Dakar in April 2000 formed the coalition. CSACEFA developed a core set of positions and attended the Dakar Summit to join in the call for quality education for all.

The coalition has since expanded its membership to over six hundred (600) CSOs covering 36 States of Nigeria and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and has been engaging, advocating and inputting to education policies and programmes at Local, national and International Levels.

Core Values

Service: Increase civil society organization impact in education delivery.

Equality: Equal educational opportunities for all.

Partnership / collaboration: strengthening partnerships and collaboration in education delivery.

Capacity building: enhancing capacity and skills of CSO’s and other statkeholders to promote free, quality and inclusive education

Transparency and accountability: promote transparency and accountability within the coalition and education sector.

Volunteerism: promote and develop volunteerism in the coalition and across the education sector.