Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) Project

The Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) is a unique and ambitious global programme that supports citizen engagement in education sector policy, planning, budgeting and monitoring. It is founded on a shared understanding that informed, broad-based and locally-driven civil society participation is crucial to delivering national and international education goals. While governments are responsible for guaranteeing the right to free, inclusive and quality education for all citizens, civil society can and should play a crucial role in bringing diverse voices together under common platforms to hold governments and donors accountable for their commitments, and to ensure relevance and equity within education sector plans, programmes and budgets.

CSEF therefore provides grant funding and technical support to representative and democratic national civil society education coalitions to strengthen citizen and civil society participation in national education sector planning and policy processes, research, analysis and tracking, and engagement and input to regional and global policy processes. Support is also provided through guidelines for national planning and operations, technical support and capacity development, and linking local, national and regional and global activities in order to maximise impact.

Through this work CSEF aims to influence policy change particularly around education financing, inclusion and equity and quality and learning, and to advance and ensure accountability of global and national education goals.

CSEF was set up in 2009 through the support of the Global Partnership for Education, and has received funding almost consistently from GPE since. In addition to GPE support, CSEF has had complementary funding from Spain’s AECID (Agencia Española de CooperaciónInternacional para el Desarrollo) for coalitions in Latin America, Australian AID during a bridge funding period in 2012, and ad hoc funding from Backup Education for coalitions in Africa.